About // Steveo

Originally started gaming back in the 80’s firstly on the Sega Master System, playing mostly on Alex the Kid and Sonic. Later moving on to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on this console it was Mario all the way, then occasionally a bit of Duck Hunt.. Saying that Batman, DuckTales and Zelda were also well played.

Some years later I finally got an upgrade to the Mega Drive, long old list of games here, Streets Of Rage, Sonic again, Golden Axe, Robocop vs Terminator, Ecco The Dolphin, Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Desert and Jungle Strike, and Road Rash! – Towards the end of the Mega Drive life, I breathy touched on PC gaming for the first time, and this was Dune and Myst. Time on Dune and Myst was limited to watching over a friends shoulder, as it would be several years before I would be playing PC games.

E-sports // Competitive Gaming

Always been interested in competitive, pro gaming, but have never been fully involved in tournaments. This is something that I would like to change, and ideally would like to get more involved with e-sports as a whole. If you need an extra pair of hands in a match please get in touch!